We need to wear both shirts and trousers. As we have to wear them every day, we iron and then hang them back in the closet, resulting in half of the closet full of clothes for work. But how many sets do we actually need?

It depends on your needs, but three sets is the minimum

It is recommended to have three sets of shirts and pants as a unit, because if you use the right fabric and colour, three sets are the bare minimum to meet the needs of wash and replace.

To save money and closet space, three sets are minimum required for a week if you don’t need to meet with clients, or you have no outfit requirements but simply wearing them to work.

David Fashion’s product

If you need to meet with clients and don’t want to be seen wearing the same outfit to work all the time, then you should probably prepare six sets! By then, even if you work six days, you will definitely have enough, without having to wear the same clothes in the same week.

Of course, if you have higher requirements for your work clothes and want more matching options, you can buy a few more sets!

David Fashion’s blazer and pants

Cost-effective suit store in Tsim Sha Tsui East offering high quality three-in-one set, a must have for work!

David Fashions in Tsim Sha Tsui is offering a package for office workers, with three shirts and three trousers package for only HKD$2,888, while most places will cost you HKD$700-800 just for a pair of higher quality trousers!

Besides, David Fashions’ products are all tailor-made.  Getting three shirts for just few hundred dollars extra is really music to the ears of office workers!


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