As Summer approaches, you become all sweaty under the unbearable heat by noon.

You wish you could take off the suit blazer immediately to cool yourself down. You are nonetheless very hesitant to do that, as you know that your shirt is full of wrinkles after the morning.

The creases make your shirt looks as if you haven’t ironed your shirt. In fact, you actually just spent the whole day ironing them yesterday. It still looked perfectly fine when you put them on this morning. 

Haven’t you had a similar experience?

L&K Bespoke Tailor is looking to relieve you from such headaches once and for all. 

German Wrinkle-Free Technology x Hong Kong Tailoring

L&K Bespoke Tailor has just introduced an innovative German technology which produces the completely bespoke wrinkle-free shirt.  They are combining their tailoring skills into this revolutionary fabric to deliver a perfect wrinkle-free Permanent Press Shirt.

By applying this latest tailoring and fabric technology, the shirt is fully binded (instead of traditional stitching) around the edges.  This is the key to maintain a perfect quality even after 20 washes, which is five times better than ordinary crease resistant shirts.

Personalize Your Shirt

You may also personalize your shirt with a unique monogram (e.g. your initials) at L&K Bespoke Tailor. The professional and dedicated craftsmanship can make sure your shirt is perfectly fit on your body with the technical expertise. 

Book an appointment and purchase a wrinkle-free shirt at HK$650

L&K Bespoke Tailor is now offering such tailor-made permanent press shirts at HK$650 each.

Make an appointment with L&K here, to meet with the suit consultants, pick a color/pattern and get measured up for this revolutionary bespoke shirt!  

Save all your time and energy from ironing and taking care of your shirts!

About L&K Bespoke Tailor:

Michael is the owner and a Suit Consultant of L&K Bespoke Tailor, boasting more than 30 years of experience in the HK tailoring industry. 

If you have ever visited L&K Bespoke Tailor, you are very likely to have met or served by him before!  He is one of many suit consultants in his shop. His expertise is to advise customers on how to match the fabrics, cutting, and color of suits based on the unique body shapes of each customer.   

He is also responsible for fulfilling your special requirements, whether it is arranging fittings and further alterations, or facilitating express orders.  Check out more about their Headcutter Lewis Liu here.


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