Why pay a Premium and Settle for Less?

For people who pay attention to details, it is in the detailed craftsmanship of your suit which can show off sparks of your personality and character. 

Apart from the Milanese Buttonholes that A Timeless Tailor introduced last time, jacket sleeves are another place which can reveal your style and detailed craftsmanship.  The key is in the jacket sleeve buttonholes.

For those who have paid attention to the differences between cheap and luxury suits, you would have noticed that the jacket sleeve buttonholes are fake and non-functional in the cheaper suits and ready to wear suits.  On the other hand, luxurious higher quality suits would generally be equipped with working buttonholes on the jacket sleeves.   Believe it or not, there is actually a history behind this…


Jacket Sleeve Buttonholes were Functional in the past!

Ages ago, men wear suits to work every day, including the working class who have labour intensive jobs.  They would often keep the jacket on, and simply roll up their sleeves (both jacket and shirt) to keep their clothes clean.

These days, suits are mostly worn by office workers and thus the jacket sleeves have lost the need for its functional purpose.   Moreover, for ready to made suits, the fake sleeve buttonholes comes in at a lower cost, and enables the clothiers easier to do alterations on sleeve length if needed.  Thus most ready-to-wear suits would be accompanied by fake jacket sleeve buttonholes.

As such, many men would unbutton the last jacket sleeve buttonhole, in order to display such craftsmanship detail and a taste of lifestyle.  It is therefore recommended to ask your tailor to make working buttonholes for your jacket sleeves on your next visit to your tailor!  Why pay a premium for a feature of cheap suits!?  

While not every tailor provides such service, A Timeless Tailor is just one of few tailors around in Hong Kong who can offer such craftsmanship service.

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