This is indeed a legit question. Why are there very few bespoke tailors for women.

When it comes to women power, no one can deny the role of women in the creation of this human race and it’s propagation. But when it comes to certain facilities for women, the world seems to care very little.

Same is the case with bespoke tailors for women. There are thousands of tailors making bespoke clothing for men all over the globe but very few cater to women.

However, we understand this very well and therefore for the women of this beautiful city; Hong-Kong, we offer our bespoke tailoring services with unlimited collection of fabrics and designs.

We can create office/formal wear for women just like we do for men. This involves making pant suits, blazers, skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts and whatever the ladies demand. Not only this, we create bespoke dresses for women for every occasion.

The dresses can be of any design. It can be a plain summer dress for wearing what you like and celebrate your youth, evening dresses for dinners and gatherings, formal dresses for weddings and other social events and dresses for night out.

Whether a girl is going for her prom night and desires to look like any celebrity or a young lady going to meet her fiancé or older ladies hanging out together, we at Davids Fashions have everything for all the lovely ladies.

The best thing about our bespoke service is that you will find everything under one roof and you will not need to go out and shop different things from different stores. We have a wide variety of fabrics which include, chiffon, gorget, cashmere, tweed, linen, satin, polyester blends, cotton blends, viscose, modal, nylon and silk.

These fabrics are are available in all the colour shades and in all types of textures like solids, jacquard, net weave, satin weave etc. These fabrics are from very reputed mills and manufacturers around the world and retain their colours with long lasting life.

Lastly, we tailor each and every piece of clothing as an artwork. We pay great attention to the details of each and every cloth and make sure that it is made to the desires and contentment of our clients. Our  bespoke clothings not only look good and last longer but they enhance the personality of the one who wears them.

So, if you wish to have some bespoke clothes made for yourself and your friends or family, let it be formal, casual or party, you may contact us or visit our tailoring house and get the best that any bespoke tailor can offer.

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