There are many tailor shops where customers can pick up their suits within 24 hours in the market, and there are also tailor shops where it takes four weeks from tailoring to ready-to-wear. Is there any difference between these two?

Why do I have to wait for 4 weeks for a tailor-made suit?

Tony, the owner of 852 Tailor House, has heard this question a great many times. He fully understands that customers want to get their suits as soon as possible. Many of them are a little confused about the tailoring process for the first time. Today we are going to introduce the process of making a bespoke suit at 852 Tailor House.

First of all, we will need to understand what is this suit that you are ordering for,  whether you already have a favorite color/patterns or style, your dressing style, and so on.

Based on the above information, we will then introduce you to our in-store samples that are close to your size, during which you will see how different colors/styles look on you, and our clerks will also explain the features of tailoring and workmanship of our suits.

After trying on our samples, you should have a more specific concept of the style that you prefer, and then you can take time to decide on the fabrics. As there are many brands and features of fabrics, our clerks will introduce the most suitable fabrics for you to choose from according to your requirements and budget. We will also offer variable choices for the details of the suit, such as the collar shape, pockets, lining, buttons, etc.

Then our tailor will take your measurements for the first time,

It is a very important step to get the basic measurements of your body. Then you will be asked to try on our fitting mold. Our tailor will provide professional advice to you and will finetune based on your personal preferences to get more accurate measurements such as shoulder width, sleeve length, clothes length, and formfitting degree. This way you can see the preliminary effect before trying on the semi-finished product.

With all these measurements and information, our tailor will start to draw the paper pattern and make a semi-finished product.

After about two weeks, we will inform you to come to our shop for a semi-finished product fitting (first-fitting). The semi-finished product is made according to your body shape and the fabric you chose, so you could see the overall effect on the first fitting. Meanwhile, the most important thing is to let the tailor do the fine-tuning for each detailed part of the suit, such as the shoulder slope, the armhole, the curve of the front and back, the shape of the trousers, etc.

Two more weeks after the first fitting, a suit that fully fits you and meets your requirements will be completed. This time you come for a second fitting and the tailor will explain and test the size and effect of each part of your suit until you are completely satisfied. Last but not least, each customer will receive a free accessory for her/his suit, such as a tie, a bow tie, a cuff button or a pocket square and so on.

Just like the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our tailors make every endeavor to make a suit with their master hand and craftmanship during these four weeks. Therefore, we put our heart and soul into each piece of work, just for meeting your expectations of an ideal suit.



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