In our previous article best shirt colour (part 1), we talked about the meanings white, blue, grey, and pink and tips in wearing shirts of these colours.

Looking for some untypical or less common colours?


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Meaning of the colour purple/ violet:

  • purple/ violet is a colour that inspires reflection and self awareness
  • compassionate, sensitive, and intuitive soul
  • also associated with characteristics of quality and luxury

Purple/ Violet shirts is suitable for:

  • business presentations, if want to very deliver strong messages
  • social-political entities, and/or religious leaders

Some tips in wearing purple/. violet shirts:

  • avoid wearing too much purple/ violet, or it can invoke irritability and arrogance


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Meaning of the colour Emerald:

  • lively, radiant and peaceful
  • give a sense of well-being, balance, and harmony
  • often associated with growth and sustainability

Emerald shirts is suitable if you’re working in…

  • start-up companies
  • non-profit organisations, or
  • agricultural / environmentally-friendly companies

Some tips in wearing emerald shirts:

  • avoid wearing emerald shirts with suits of dark colours
  • pick suits of light colours such as light grey, or light blue instead


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Meaning of the colour beige:

  • beige is originally referred to natural wool that had not been bleached or dyed
  • dependable, conservative, plainness
  • offers some kind of warmth

Beige shirts is suitable for:

  • dependable, down-to-earth people who do not want to attract too much attentions
  • banking & finance people such as accountants, auditors
  • clerical and secretarial staff

Some tips in wearing beige shirts:

  • avoid beige in business meetings, if you’re the presenters. Sometimes, beige is regarded as dull and boring color

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