Ever wonder what is the best shirt colour for interview and important meetings – White? Blue? or Grey?

But first, you need to know the meanings of each colour. Different shirt colour delivers different messages to the interviewers/ meeting attendants.

Here, Darmian will talk about the meanings of different colours, followed by tips in wearing these coloured shirts.


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Meaning of the colour white:

  • it is an inherently positive colour, associated with light, goodness, purity, cleanliness, softness
  • white promotes feelings of fresh beginnings and renewal

White shirt is suitable for:

  • people looking for a classy traditional shirt colour for interview
  • university students looking for internships, or graduates for interviews for their first job

Some tips in wearing white shirts:

  • better to avoid white if you’re attending meetings outdoors. White is a bright colour which can cause headaches in extreme sunlight


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Meaning of the colour blue:

  • often associated with sky and sea
  • represents freedom, expansiveness, inspiration, confidence

Blue shirts is suitable for:

  • sky blue for people who work in technological spaces, and/or entertainment /communication industries (freedom)
  • dark blue is ideal for banking/ finance (confidence)

Some tips in wearing blue shirts:

  • avoid electric blue or brilliant blue in job interviews/ important meetings. These blue colours are too dynamic and dramatic that somehow can express exhilaration (not too serious about their jobs)
  • also avoid wearing too much blue (blue shirts, with navy suits, dark blue tie etc). It creates feelings of negativity, sadness, or depression. Rather than dark/light blue, match a blue shirt with a brown or a silver tie


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Meaning of the colour grey:

  • grey is the colour of compromise
  • demonstrate unemotional
  • but also dullness

Grey is suitable for:

  • very conservative people
  • or those who seek to avoid attention/ seek to get protections

Some tips in wearing grey shirts:

  • it is getting less common to have grey as shirt colour because of its boring tone
  • if you’re looking for conservative options, Darmian prefers white shirts to grey


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Meaning of the colour pink:

  • sweet, nice, playful, charming and cute
  • pink is a colour of universal love of oneself and of others

Pink shirts is suitable for:

  • weekend parties
  • interviews/business meetings, if you want to deliver a more playful/cheerful image

Some tips when wearing pink shirts:

  • avoid large amount of pink, it is often associated with sense of physical weakness

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