“Attire worn by models might not be as flawless as you think”, says a professional tailor. That’s why everyone can actually dress better than models!

If you have visited tailor shops before, you may have seen the fabrics books in shops that feature models with different suits. You can take them as a reference, choosing your styles, cutting and patterns. All of them, including the models and suits, often looks so flawless and charming…. Oh, wait, really?

Jacky from British Tailors, with rich experience in bespoke tailoring is an expert in making suits that are able to conceal the flaws of his client’s body shapes.

“A suit with the correct sizing is insufficient,” Jacky said, “It has to coordinate with customers’ daily usual practices as well as hiding the flaws of their body figures.”

Jacky is here to show everyone what’s wrong with the suits on the professional models this time.

“X” shape across the abdomen

“The blazer isn’t too small for the model but too big.”  “Huh?  Really?  Then what resulted in the X-shape?” I asked.   “It is because the front side is too long for him.” says Jacky

He points at the picture and explains to us, “if cutting a little bit from here, near the chest and shoulder, the front side will be shorter. The X-shape will disappear then.”

Splayed-out suit

“The biggest problem of this suit is the bottom half (near the buttons) which splays out. It doesn’t look good”, Jacky said.

“This suit is not showing the model’s waistline at all.”

Looks like humpbacked?

“It isn’t good because it makes the model looks humpbacked”, Jacky pointed out.

A well-made suit

Jacky thinks this one is a perfect example, “It is very well-fit and the model’s body shapes are clearly shown”.

Reminder from Jacky

To define whether a suit is good-fit, it is not simply about the sizes or measurements, which is often a common misperception.  Those books can be a reference on style but the most important point is the craftsmanship of the tailors.

Jacky shares with us, “after taking the measurements, a professional tailor should pay attention to your standing postures.”

He continues, “despite the correct sizes, it isn’t good-fit if you are humpbacked. A professional tailor should help you with the size and cutting, to make you look perfect!”

With an effective communication, Jacky understands the needs of the customers and provides the best suggestions.


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