Suits can cost as little as HK$2,000/suit, while some costs over HK$10,000/suit.  What is actually the difference in between?  Does it really get noticed that one is wearing a premium suit?  

As you work up the hierarchy, it is no surprise that you will find that luxuries become a necessity in order to help you to blend in with those around you, whether they are clients, colleagues or business partners.   

So how exactly does this lifestyle be reflected in your suit?

Fabric Glow

When picking a suiting fabric, the shiny glow that comes a long with a premium suit simply cannot be missed.  The best suiting fabrics are made of natural wool, combined with perfect water source and of course a premium dying technique. 

Sturdy Shaped

A premium suit will also give you that shape that looks like your armour once you’ve slotted it on.  The balance between this sturdy shape, and the comfort of wearing it, is the million dollar skill.  Raw Materials is obviously very important here, but it is not just the wool but the way that the wool has been woven together by the fabric manufacture that is also crucial.   

As Soft as Silk

From fabric glow, to the sturdiness of the shape, it is obviously important that the suit is comfortable to the wearer.  At the end of the day, you’ll have to put it on and wear it for a whole day!

In order for a suit to be able to demonstrate the above three points, Brummell Tailor recommends the ultimate premium Italian fabric – Loro Piana’s Tasmanian 150’s

Loro Piana — Stands Out From the Crowd

It is with this premium luxurious bloodline, where the Loro Piana family has started producing the world’s best wool and fabric for the past 200 years.  Combining the pure mountain water with premium wool, together with Loro Piana family’s insistence on the detailed weaving techniques, they have grown from a small shop on the Alps to become one of the premium brands in the world.   Loro Piana never blow their own trumpet, but instead just quietly gets about with their work and produces the best in class fabrics.

Loro Piana Tasmanian 150’s — Rare and Delicate

Within the Loro Piana collection, the Loro Piana Tasmanian 150’s is one of its flagship products.  It is made from the Merino Wool, manufactured directly under the direction of Loro Piana family.  The key is the glow that its fabric produces, while maintaining the perfect balance between producing the structure of a suit as well as being as comfortable as silk.  

Loro Piana Tasmanian 150’s Navy Blue, A Shiny Gowl

stripe pattern

Buy a Loro Piana Suit, Get a Alumo Cotton Shirt for Free! (worth up to HK$4,000)

Brummell Tailor is located on Wyndham Street in Central, and they are now offering Tailor-M users a special offer.  Book an appointment online to get measured up for a 2-piece Loro Piana Tamanian 150’s suit (HK$12,800/suit), and you will be offered a tailor-made Alumo cotton shirt for FREE!  This offer is only valid for the first 10 customer bookings!

Alumo Swiss Cotton – An artpiece within shirting fabrics

While Loro Piana is located to the south of the Alps, Alumo is located towards the North of the Alps.  Alumo is one of the key suppliers for the premium brans such as Brioni, Dunhill, Hermes, and a shirt could cost up to HK$4,000.  Brummell Tailor also offers Alumo cotton fabrics for its tailor made shirts, which cost at a fraction of the price.



One Piece Collar — Brummell Tailor



Spalla Camicia Shoulder — Brummell Tailor  Italian cut details

British cut, Flap Pockets  


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