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On Valentine’s Day (14th February), lovers express their affections and men present their greetings & gifts. One month later on 14th March, we celebrate “White Day” (ホワイトデー), the day women present gifts to their lovers.

If you are looking for gift ideas on White Day, Darmian has some gift ideas for you and your stylish friends who appreciate some trend-forward formal wear:

1) Ties (Special, Not Traditional Ties)

Ties remain one of the classic gifts for White Day, but you can always make them more special with Designer Ties, and/or Folded Ties.

  • Designer Ties: If you’re getting bored with the traditional plain-coloured ties, perhaps you should take a look at designer ties. Colourful and stylish designer ties are suitable at work and for many different occasions. Here are some designer ties by Bettie Jiang from Bettie Bespoke Boutique, a talented fashion designer started her business with the admirable working experience in Alexander McQueensee (see more designer ties by Bettie here)

  • Folded Ties: Yes, folded-ties not bow-ties. The word “folds” refers to the number of times the tie is folded (a concept similar to “layers”). Most ties are constructed by sewing an inlay into the tie for thickness. But fold-ties (usually more premium ties) is made out of a single piece of fabric and folded for several times. A “3-fold-tie”, for example, means the fabric is folded for 3 times (see more three-folded ties here)

2) Pocket Squares

The pocket square is a decorative addition to suit jacket. The pocket square is a small-sized cloth for show and put in your jacket breast pocket, usually made of silk, linen, cotton and wool.

Pocket squares have now become a symbol of well-dressed men. There are many styles, from solid colours which are easiest for most men, to designer pocket squares for stylish gentlemen (see more pocket squares here).

Buy Online: Easy, with Delivery to Homes, Offices… Anywhere You Like

You can always search & find Hong Kong tailors online and purchase suit accessories offline at their tailor shops. But – Darmian strongly encourages you to make prior appointments before visiting tailor shops, this gives an early heads-up for shop owners (usually the most experienced persons in the shops) to reserve their time, and you will get services/ recommendations from the experienced shop owners.

If you’re looking for more convenient options or planning to give surprises to your beloved ones, you can buy accessories (including ties, pocket squares) online and have the goods delivered to office, home, or anywhere at your choice.

Darmian would recommend buying online from Tailor-M e-shop. Their staff have performed quality checks for all items listed on online stores, ensuring product quality. Customer services are also responsive, customers can get timely advice/ inquiries from customer services team.

(Tailor-M’s e-shop. Photo credit: Tailor-M.com)

Here are some comments by customers who have purchased from Tailor-M’s e-shop:

“i love it so very much, shipping deliver to my place is good convenient”

“favorable, love it much”

Link to Tailor-M e-shop: https://shop.tailor-m.com

Product prices: HK$280 (US$36) up for ties, and HK$480 (US$62) and up for silk pocket squares (include FREE shipping to Hong Kong and China. Additional costs of approximately US$20-30 for shipping to Japan/Korea/Asia, and US/Europe).

Enquiry: cs@tailor-m.com

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