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The past year has been a tough year for the bespoke industry.

Vaccine shines a light to the end of the tunnel
Sale of bespoke suit ends soon

Bespoke industry hit hard by the COVID-19 work-from-home arrangement and borders measurement. Unheard sale has been offered to attract business. However, the undergoing mass vaccination could be a critical turn of the whole situation. As all industries will return to business gradually and borders will be re-opened, two main customer groups (employees and tourists) will be back to drive the demand. The sale is likely to end soon!

Vaccine may bring back the bespoke industry. (source: BBC)

Bespoke suit is not a chain of ready-to-wear
Sale is a survival not a strategy

Most local bespoke businesses are family-run, the capacity of reducing price is relatively low. To survive under the pandemic, sale has been offered, however, it is not sustainable in long term run. Once the market starts to recover, it is expected to see the returning of price.

Most local bespoke suit businesses are family-run. (Photo: A Timeless/Hong Kong Tailors Association attending an international tailor event)

Tailor shop under Chairman of Hong Kong Tailors Association
Big sale of Italian fabrics – 40% off for Zengna
A Timeless (A tailor shop under the current Chairman of Hong Kong Tailors Association) is offering its last pandemic sale of their bespoke service before the mass vaccination in place. 20% off for Hong Kongers beloved fabric brands (VBC/Reda/Rotex), bespoke suit only starts from HKD 4,200. 40% off for top Italian fabric brand Zegna, bespoke suit only starts from HKD 9,000 (original price is HKD 15,000!). Also, you will receive a compliment bespoke shirt on every purchase bespoke suit! Book an appointment now!


A Timeless Big sale of Italian fabric suits

A Timeless A modern bespoke style

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**A Timeless is a merchant of the Tailor-M membership Reward**



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