What is the latest fashion trend in menswear?

The answer is…Bespoke Tailoring!

The Everlasting Trend

Bespoke tailoring is definitely the everlasting trend in men’s fashion. Custom-made clothing can carry out the latest fashion trend, more importantly, it can bring out personality.

Here are top 5 reasons for choosing bespoke tailoring:

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1. To be who you are

We always say “first impression” is very important and having the prefect outfit can definitely give people a good first impression! Bespoke clothing lets you show off your body in a flattering way and brings out your real personality.

2. Quality is king

Handmade product beats mass-produced all day long. Most parts of your bespoke clothing will be handmade by tailors, from the lining of the waistband to the stitching of the pockets. Moreover, you get to choose the fabric and it is the core part of your outfit.

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3. We all like to be comfortable

This is the biggest feature of bespoke clothing – fit. It will not restrict your body movement and should fit you like nothing else. I am sure we all like to be comfortable!

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4. Besides money, time is also a form of currency

Shopping definitely is not men’s favourite hobby. If you want to find the prefect outfit, trying to find it in department stores or clothing stores is very time consuming and can be a torture. The most efficient way is to find a tailor!

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5. We can all be fashion designers

Once you have found a tailor, he or she is going to need your input for designing and making your bespoke clothing. At the end, you are going to be the one who wears it, so your input and advice will be very important to them!

Over 400 custom-made tailors are available on Tailor-M.com website. When you have found your tailor, make an appointments with them, or send inquiries using the “Message Tailor” button.

Happy tailoring!

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