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The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, which many of you who wear a suit all year round must have seen, is considered the bible of a lot of financiers. However, wearing a suit to work in the financial district doesn’t make you Leonardo. Learn some real unspoken rules of wearing suits in the real Wall Street from Tailor-M’s special guest today! We invited Jimmy Lee, who had been in Wall Street working as a tailor for 40 years, to give you an in-depth explanation.
“It is a golden rule in the financial world that every young talent struggles to get to the top, whether it is on Wall Street, Central or Causeway Bay. The suits for young talents should be low-key, indicating that they know their place when with superiors. At the same time, the outfit should also make them look smart, presenting a ready-to-go vibe. The financial minds who were striving for the top on Wall Street knew this well.” Said Jimmy Lee, a Hong Kongese tailor who has lived in Wall Street, United States for 40 year.
Jimmy Lee opened his tailor shop at Wall Street, NewYork in 70’s
When it comes to your relationship with supervisors, your lapel matters
At Wall Street, if you are a rising star in the company, the lapel on your suit is an important indication to your seniors whether you have overstepped your bounds or not! The lapel size and the collar shape both matter a lot! A well-fitted and appropriately sized Notch Lapel may seem understated, but it can be the perfect way to shift your boss’’ attention back to your competence. Sometimes, a Peaked Lapel can be seen as challenging. Lapel that is too big
is considered flashy, which is not a good thing at the workplace.
Think Stripe or Dark Check Suit, dress code of diamonds in the rough(Jimmy Lee@Savile Row’s products)
An observation from Jimmy Lee after working for so many years in Wall Street is that, local financial middle-class talents wear mostly thin stripe suits at work, followed by dark check suits, and you can barely see solid-colored suits. The reason is that they want to keep a little bit of individualism while keeping a low profile. A suit with a slight pattern is very helpful for them to become a budding talent without being too sharp. thin pattern fabric and notch lapel are must-haves for young finance professionals around the world.

With remarkable craftsmanship and years’ experience, Jimmy Lee is back to Causeway Bay 

Jimmy Lee: Even in the 1970s, a suit made in Wall Street cost at least US$1200! While it only cost HK$1000 in Hongkong back then. People in Wall Street were willing to pay high prices mainly because the suits were combined with the trend of Western tailoring. At the same time, because of the fast pace of development on Wall Street, many of the bespoke steps have been cut down to speed up the delivery time. A suit full of traditional Western craftsmanship is made under the fast pace of Wall Street, that’s why it cost so much. And now I have brought my years of experience back to Savile Row HK in Causeway Bay, and the cost for a suit is no more than US$1,200. A Vitale Barberis Canonico set, which is also tailored by me, costs only HK$ 4,500.
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