Many companies are seeking to expand their online business lately.  As a business owner, you will need to ask few companies to quote and compare, and it would be even better if you could apply for Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) or other types of funding!  You may wonder if there is an approach to help find the right IT company more efficiently?

Get consultancy from 100+ IT companies with a simple click

Introducing the ultimate IT solutions search engine – TechQuotations!   With just a simple click, dozens of IT companies would offer you there IT consulting services!  TechQuotations is easy to use. You just need to click the “submit request” button, fill out a form, and select the project type that suits your business: mobile app, CRM, SEO, etc. IT companies will reach out to you within a day after your request.

All you need to do afterward is to select the companies you may be interested in, and have one or two meetings with them. After they understand your business needs, the companies will offer their quotations accordingly.

Sufficient information enables the system to auto-filter IT companies that suit your business

The more detailed your submitted information is, the better quality results you will get from TechQuotations. Let’s say, you want to build a website that includes a payment system or any other specific features. Then you could submit relevant information to TechQuotations, and the search engine will filter out the IT companies that are more suitable for your business.  In other words, the more detailed your information is, the higher the matching success rate of the result. Since these IT companies are selected based on the information you provide, they will certainly better understand your requirements!

If you need help from IT companies to expand your online business or apply for Technology Voucher Programme(TVP), etc., give TechQuotations a try!   

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