Book appointment and purchase on Tailor-M to receive Gift Rewards!

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Tailor-M Membership Reward – FREE Suit and Diamond!!

As long as you make an appointment with a designated merchant on Tailor-M (refer to the list below) and make any purchase, you will get 100 points for every appointment with purchases confirmed by the merchant. Seceive a selection of gifts if you save enough points within a limited period! The more points you earn, the bigger the prize!

Accumulate points within three years from the first appointment date:

Silver member:  300 points will receive a FREE Full Cotton Shirt;
Gold member:  1,000 points will receive a FREE Tailor-made Suit;
Diamond member:  1,500 points and a FREE Diamond Necklace!

Become a Tailor-M member immediately, earn points every time you make an appointment!

As long as you are a member of Tailor-M, you can earn 100 points each time after you book an appointment on Tailor-M and a subsequent purchase is confirmed by the Tailor-M Merchant.  Once you accumulated sufficient points within the specified period to upgrade your membership, Tailor-M will notify you by email. You may then redeem the different rewards at the designated merchants specified in Tailor-M’s email. 

Method of storing points:

1. Make an appointment with the designated merchatn on the Tailor-M platform for any purchase

2. Merchant confirms your purchase, points will be stored for you immediately after confirmation, and you will be notified by email/whatsapp

3. You can get 100 Tailor-M points every time you make an appointment, with any purchase confirmed by the merchant!

Tailor-M designated merchants are as follows:

British Tailor

Brummell Tailors

852 Tailor House

David Fashions

L & K Bespoke Tailor 


**The above pictures are for reference only, all are subject to the final announcement of**
**The above offer is only applicable to Tailor-M Member**
**For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to Tailor-M Terms & Conditions and Tailor-M Membership Terms & Conditions**

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