It is impossible that everyone has a model-like figure in the reality. Some maybe big-framed, some may have a pear-shaped body. A ready-for-wear suit probably is not suitable for their figures. That’s why they would choose a tailor-made suit. However, there is another option that can be more perfect….

Does the suit fit him?


It may not be good enough though you are wearing a bespoke suit.

An ordinary tailor-made suit can fit your size but it is unable to conceal your beer belly, or make you look stronger.

Jacky from British Tailors is an experienced tailor. A number of foreign tourists would come Hong Kong for his tailoring services, even order dozens of shirts and trousers at once.

Jacky’s magic improves your body figure visually.

Jacky thinks that the best suit should hide your disadvantages on the figure but brighten your strengths in figure.

“Just like a magic performance”, he says. An excellent tailor consists of “eyesight” and “craftsmanship”. Jacky can know the strengths and weakness of everyone’s figure at a glaze, because he has been “playing magic” for many years.

From the width of lapels to the length of blazers, as well as the color matching, all of these contribute in the “magic show”.

If a client has very wide shoulders but the cutting does not match, the client will look chubby even though he may not be fat.

It maybe abstracts to describe in words, so let show the “magic” by the most credible evidence – photos from the customers.

After wearing the blazer made by Jacky, his belly becomes invisible, improving his figure visually.

Clothes with correct measurement cannot hide his tummy.

With the outstanding cutting skill of Jacky, your body figure can be looked more well-balanced after wearing his suit.

You can look slim in this way!

If you want to experience Jacky’s tailoring magic, seeing how does he hide your disadvantage, let’s make the online booking with Jacky here!

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