The epidemic has triggered a wave of job changes, how do you adpat from not wearing suits to wearing
them every day?

Under the epidemic, lots of employees from well-paying industries such as airlines and tourism have been forced to change jobs. If you happen to change to a job that requires you to wear a suit for work, it is actually quite a headache! If you have not worn a suit for so many years, you may have forgotten how to dress appropriately. As a newbie to the workplace, how much do you know about suit etiquette and the unwritten rules to dress decently among your boss and colleagues? Most importantly, what should be the budget for buying a suit?

What to know about suit for work: grey and blue bring out your maturity and personality

The color of your suit for work needs to make others feel that you are reliable. If you are wearing a suit to work for the first time, a grey or blue fabric could be the suitable choices. You could have more options with grey or blue tones than with black. These two colors create a sense of reliability and also add a touch of your personality with unique style.

Lapel style matters: a wrong choice could get you into trouble

There are many different types of lapels, but not all of them are suitable for work! Double-breasted suits are the kind that could easily offend your colleagues and bosses! For a long time, double-breasted suits have been the favorite collar type of bosses and professionals, and over time it has become the tacit dress code of the management and above in the office. If you are just a junior staff and wear a double-breasted suit to work, it could possibly become a big mistake that could offend your boss.

Go easy with your first suit to work. Imagine a junior staff carrying a Hermes to work? That’s too much!

Sometimes people may think that wearing a slightly expensive suit to work is out of respect for themselves and the job. But it may actually be an unwise choice. Your boss may have many years of experience in the workplace, which means they must have more experience in purchasing suits, so much so that they can easily see a cheap suit. They could just take a look at your suit and tell how much you have spent on it throughall the details such as the buttonholes, fabric, brand, etc. Female bosses could be even more sensitive about this! If you still don’t get it, try to imagine the scene: on your first day at work, and you say hi to your boss, carrying a luxury Hermes bag.

overdoing with your suit is like a newcomer carrying Hermes to work(photo source:

What should I prepare with so many boundaries?

In fact, it is not advisable to buy suits that are either too expensive or too cheap. As mentioned above, do not overdo with suits that are too pricy. And for the cheaper ones (available as low as HKD 1,000/set), the qualities could be lousy. It may not fit you well, and could make others feel that you are disrespecting your job. A suit that costs around HKD3,000 and is made from a tailor store that has been in business foryears are generally more reliable. If you are about to visit a new company, it is suggested to find an experienced and professional tailor. There are many Hong Kong tailors who charge at this price range. What’s more, there are many tailors in HK who can also do this kind of price and standard of suits, and they specialize in making suits forbusinessmen and professionals.

guess you don’t want to look like this when at work(photo source: yahoo)

Tsim Sha Tsui tailor shop with affordable suits of stable quality, popular among HK locals

There is a tailor shop David Fashions in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is a one-minute walk from Tsim Sha Tsui East Station, although the location seems hidden. A lot of local office workers visit here for the reasons that it is affordable as well as of stable quality. David Fashions charges from HKD 3,000 for a suit, and the quality of delivery is as good as always. Their way of working make customers understand that if you want a suit with quality materials and craftsmanship, HKD 3,000 is almost the basic price. David Fashions often offer their customers with promotions. For example, there is a special offer of 2 free shirts with the purchase of asuit in this month, which attracts many office workers. David Fashions is not only fluent in English but also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.

fluently as well. This is also one of the biggest differences between David and other tailors! Moreover, if you customize your suit here, you can also enjoy free alteration service for half a year. So if your suit doesn’t fit, you can get it altered here at anytime! 

Foreign frequent visitors of David Fashions(David Fashions product )

HK father-in-law and Australian son-in-law, piece of cake for David to customize for difference sizes(David Fashions product )

Many local office workers visit David Fashions for suit tailoring, for its affordable price and stable quality(David Fashions product )

Female customers seek for tailoring service at David Fashions(David Fashions product

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