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Here we come the suit fitness challenge! This challenge can tell how fit your suits are in just 3 seconds. You don’t have to be a suit expert, everyone can do this challenge and find out good-fitted or ill-fitted suits in seconds.

The suit fitness challenge begins!


Challenge 1: Jacket Closure (The “X-Wrinkle Test”)

Fasten your suit buttons (for a 2-button suit, fasten the top button and leave the bottom button unbottoned; for a 3-button suit, button up the middle one). See if an X-shaped wrinkle appears on your jacket closure.

Challenge 2: Sleeves Length (The “1/4-inch Test”)

You need to relax your hands for the sleeves length test. Put your hands down. Check if there is roughly 1/4 inch distance between your suit blazer sleeves and your shirt cuff.

(Check and see if there is 1/4 inch distance between your suit jacket and shirt cuffs)

Challenge 3: Your Neck (“The Collar Test”)

Look at the spaces between your shirt collar and suit blazer collar. Check if the your suit collar stands away or hug around your shirt collar.


Challenge 1 Results: Jacket Closure (Pass if no “X-shaped” Wrinkle)

Firstly, let’s review the Jacket Closure Test.

A well-fitted suit jacket should comfortably fit on your body with no wrinkles appearing in the centre part of the jacket. If an X-shaped wrinkle appears (i.e. wrinkles radiating out for the closure buttons), that means your suit jacket is too tight. You pass the jacket closure test only if your suit has X-shaped wrinkle and you can fit in your eat finger between your shirt and the button closure.

(If suit jacket is over-tight, an X-shaped wrinkle will appear on the jacket closure)

Challenge 2 Results: Sleeves Length (Pass if 1/4-inch)

Secondly, let’s look at the sleeves length test.

If there is roughly 1/4 inch distance between your suit blazer sleeves and your shirt cuff, and your shirt cuff is visible, you pass the “1/4-inch Test”. If you can’t see the shirt cuff, your suit jacket is obviously too long; or if the distance is more than 1/4 inch, your suit jacket length is too short.

Challenge 3 Results: Neck (Pass if Collar Hugging Comfortably)

Finally, the neck challenge – the suit and shirt collars.

A well-fitted suit should have its jacket collar hugging comfortably around your neck (not over-tight). If the suit jacket collar stands away from your neck, then your blazer is too loose and you fail in the neck collar test.

Look also the jacket collar height. A good-fitted suit should also have a jacket collar height that allows for approximately half an inch of your shirt collar to show above it.

(A well-fitted suit has its jacket collar hugging comfortably around your neck)

If you did not pass any one the three challenges above, don’t worry, the easy solution is to buy another fit & proper suit. Get one before it’s too late (especially when you are looking for jobs, or attending business meetings). Recent survey shows 65% of hiring managers say that clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar candidates! Leave a good impression.

Darmian prefers tailor-made suits to ready-made for better fitness and personalisation (selection of fabrics, suit construction methods etc). You can easily search & compare different tailors here.

The Trouser Break test??

Last but not least, some people said good-fit suits have their trouser breaks just touching the leather shoes. But Darmian would say this test is getting less ‘suitable’ as it has become increasingly popular the cropped pants, where trouser breaks are 2 inches to 3 inches shorter than the leather shoes.

(Cropped pants have become more popular. Photo credit: Pexels)

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