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Black, grey and navy are traditional classy picks on suit colors, suitable for business & formal meetings.

Too many suits of these colors? Looking for some alternative suit color? Darmian recommends this color highly.

Color Tan (Khaki)

A tan suit (or khaki suit) is an excellent choice for casual meetings and social occasions (like weddings).

Khaki goes into the semi-casual and casual territory; it is also the ‘outdoor’ color, a perfect choice for events held outdoors during the day time. Its lighter color also makes khaki suit ideal for summers.

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Khaki suits are nice, but beware of the followings when wearing khaki suits (tan suits):

1) The Cutting Style for Khaki Suits – Italian Cuts? or British?

Khaki suits fit well with slimmer British-cuts and Italian-cuts. However, avoid comfy American cut as it is too bulky to carry suits of tan color.

Find more about British-cut, Italian-cut, and American cut here.

2) Double-breasted, or Single-breasted?

At your preference!

Khaki suits match well with both double-breasted style AND single-breasted style.

3) What Colored Shirts Match Well with Tan Suits?

Darmian recommends either white, or light blue shirts.

The color of khaki inherently gives a fresher (young and energetic) look. Shirts of darker color will be anti-climax.

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