As someone who wears a suit and drives a car, you must know that both of these stylish items can cost a lot of money! In the past, Tailor-M has provided many suit promotions for everyone. But have you ever thought that Tailor-M can now even take care of your car’s fuel expenses?

Can buying a suit save you on fuel costs? How much can you save? And does the fuel station network have comprehensive coverage?

Now, simply make an appointment through Tailor-M to visit any of the Tailor-M affiliated suit shops, and you will immediately receive a big discount fuel card from two major local fuel suppliers. Upon successful application, you will receive 8 fuel vouchers! Gasoline discounts can reach HKD 6.00 per liter, and diesel can reach HKD 12.4 per liter! With this super discount offer, coupled with the extensive network of local fuel stations, the fuel card discount is almost the cheapest in Hong Kong, and the coverage of fuel stations is the widest! Driving to meet clients is already busy enough, why waste time considering where to refuel and how expensive the fuel price is!

How to apply?

Now, all you need to do is provide your WhatsApp number when making an appointment through Tailor-M at any of the Tailor-M affiliated suit shops, and our staff will contact you to help you apply for this great discount fuel card! And the best part? You can also share this with your friends! Invite them to make appointments for buying suits and get fuel cards!

The list of Tailor-M authorized suit stores includes David Fashions, British Tailor, A Timeless Tailor, Brummell Tailor, 852 Tailor House. Make an appointment with them now to purchase a suit and get a special discount on fuel cards!

Terms and conditions:

The final decision on the approval of the fuel card application lies with the relevant fuel card company.
All offers cannot be exchanged for cash.
The fuel card can only be circulated and used within Hong Kong.
Each fuel card application fee is HKD 10.00, and the fuel card company will charge the fee through the applicant’s credit card. The application fee is non-refundable.
Applicants for fuel cards must provide the required documents for approval by the application party.
Any disputes regarding the use of the fuel card are not related to Tailor-M and its affiliated merchants.

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