Redeem $2000 and get additional reward $2000 from A Timeless! Buy your perfect suit at no cost!

As a tailoring company under the Hong Kong Tailor Association, A Timeless is no doubt a guarantee of quality. For customers’ sake, A Timeless is offering the following benefits for Consumption Voucher Programme:Any customer who redeems a $2,000 voucher could be rewarded with anextra $2,000 by A Timeless! This means that, you could get an Elementary Fabric suit which originally cost HKD4,000 at zero cost for now! For the first time ever, you can now get a premium custom-made suit without paying a penny! Reservation for this tailoring offer starts from July!

A Timeless offers over one hundred Elementary Fabric for suit customization, whether it’s a solid color for easy matching, a stylish plaidpattern, or a noble stripe pattern, you can easily find the fabric and pattern that perfectly suits you!

Get a Zegna two piece suit at just $6,000 with your consumption vouchers! There are also special offers for Rotex, Reda and Holland & Sherry!

Apart from Elementary, A Timeless also provide special consumption voucher offers for Rotex, Reda and Holland & Sherry! Details as below:Special Promotion for Rotex Dress Collection: One voucher to solve the groom’s headache Rotex is always the essential choice for custom-made suits. A Timeless bespoke suits are originally priced at HKD 5,800, now you can solve the groom’s headaches with a $2,000 voucher plus just an extra of $1,800!A Timeless also offers over a hundred choices of Rotex fabrics. Want to take on a fancy or classic look on your Big Day? Easily done!

A Timeless accepts the following consumption voucher payment methods:$2,000 consumption voucher from the government, A Timeless Tailor offers extra $2,000 as additional benefit. Get a Zegna suit for just less than HKD6,000!


**The above offers are valid only when you book appointment via Tailor-M**

**This merchant is a Tailor-M membership point merchant*

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