Do you know how to wear a suit “properly”? Here are the 7 simple tips on how to wear your bespoke suits:

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1. Do not fasten all your buttons while standing!

For a 2-button suit, fasten the top one and leave the bottom one unbuttoned. 3-buttoned suit, follow the ‘optional-fasten-unbottoned’ rule.

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2. Always unfasten ALL the buttons when sitting down.

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3. Your tie should just reach the belt or waistband of your pants

Just reach the waistband of your pants, not shorter and certainly not longer.

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4. Your tie should always be darker than your suit.

Ties of different colours (including three-folded ties) are available at Tailor-M Shop.

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5. Avoid wearing a sports watch.

Or else it will be like wearing T-shirts with leather shoes..

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6. The colour of your belt should match your shoes.

Which brands to go for the belts? As you like!

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7. Get your bespoke suit!

Go to our website to explore our tailors and make a free online appointment with them!

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