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Father’s Day is coming (It’s on 18 June in 2017) !

What are you going to buy for your lovely dad? Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S8, FitBit…… Your father may already have all these gifts.

What about something more special this year? Here are some ideas!

  • Bespoke Suits
  • Premium Italian 3-folded ties
  • Handmade Bow-ties
  • Zhongshan style suits

1) A Bespoke Suit?

But first of all, suits? Really? Yes! Nothing is better than spending some quality time with your dad accompanying him to visit a tailor and get some tailor-made clothing that is tailored uniquely for him!

Help your dad and dress him up to look like George Clooney!

But I don’t know how it works? Need not to worry just go to a tailor shop and there will be plenty of suit specialists to help you out and guide you all along the way to pick a nice piece of fabric and advise you on the perfect cutting style to fit your dad’s taste.

Most of all, what you need to do is simply – schedule a time for your father, and make an appointment with the tailor(s) online !

Prices for a tailor-made suit is fairly reasonable, a 2-piece suit (jacket + pants) starts from just HK$2,000 (US$260) and up!

Personalise it to make it memorable!
What’s more, you can put your and your father’s name on the suit jacket.

Here are a few highly rated tailor shops in Hong Kong, some with special promotional offers now:

(More tips on finding your best tailor(s) here)

Or maybe dress up like Chow Yun Fat!

Jacky Tam of British Tailors – one of the renowned tailor shops in Hong Kong

L&K Tailor – one of the top rated and renowned tailor shops in Hong Kong

2) a “3-folded” tie, or handmade bow tie?

Secondly, get bored with “traditional” ties (where you get from chained stores)? What about some “3-folded” ties?

The word “folds” refers to the number of times the tie is folded (a concept similar to “layers”). Most ties are constructed by sewing an inlay into the tie for thickness. But fold-ties (usually more premium ties) is made out of a single piece of fabric and folded for several times. A “3-fold-tie”, for example, means the fabric is folded for 3 times.

3-folded ties from Italy

In addition, there are also some customised bow ties, all hand made. Bow ties are not only suitable for business wear, but also casual wear!

The key to wearing a bow tie is to do it sparingly, unless you’re trying to make it your “icon,” like Hong Kong’ ex-Chief Executive Mr Donald Tsang. Most noteworthy, make it about a special event, and keep the rest of your outfit muted — think a solid color suit and shirt.

Handmade bow ties 

3) “new” style suits

What about Chinese style suits – i.e. Zhongshan style / Mao Suit?

Furthermore, you can go for a traditional Zhongshan Style like what Mr Jack Ma was wearing below.

In a room filled with traditional western suits, the Mao Suit stands out reflecting a sign of authority and almost draws attention straight away.

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