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Ever wonder who are the best tailors in Hong Kong?

Here are our Top 10 most popular tailors (by page views) for the month March 2017 (ranked by tailors’ name in alphabetical orders):

1) British Tailors

Customers’ Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Jacky Tam is the owner of British Tailors, an experienced custom made suits tailor in Hong Kong. He now has over 33 years of experience in the industry.

Everything custom made-to-measure using your exact body measurements. Our designs are unique and created by our in-house design team. Often described as ‘stylish, edgy and very wearable’……

Here are what Jacky’s customers said about British Tailors:

“I got 3 piece suit, a sport coat, waist coat and a shirt tailored by them. The turn around time was 4 days with one initial fitting and then final fitting before it’s delivered. I’m super happy with the results!! Kudos goes to Jacky and team for making you feel like a VIP and deliver a first class product. It’s not cheap but well worth it! I’ll be going there for many years to come!”

“Bought 3 shirts. Not only are they of perfect fit, Jacky spotted my neck is longer than average, and advised me that he’ll make the collar a little bit taller which would look better on me. It worked a treat! Really love the shirts.”

Find more about Jacky & his British Tailors, and make appointments with Jacky here.


Customers’ Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

Ian founded CUFFS not wanting to be an ordinary tailor. He and his team tries to take the traditional tailor and turned it into something fresh, stylish and easy. They strive to combine the perfect fit of a custom-made garment with the design sensibilities of a modern fashion brand.

What Ian’s customers said about CUFFS

“Very efficient, with only 1 fitting needed. Quality of fabric is also very good.”

Find more about CUFFS & make appointments with Ian here.

3) David Fashion

Customers’ Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Mr. DAVID BUDHRANI started his career in 1986 as a tailor and had serve custom made suits for both Ladies & Gents more then 27000 clients.

Mr. David Budhrani is proud on his quality and workmanship and he stands behind his work and products. His mission has always been to make available made to measure clothing for Ladies & Gents with excellent quality at very affordable prices and efficient.

What David’s customers said about David Fashions:

“very good fit and quick, good price”

“Good service, price are reasonable”

Find more about David and his David Fashions, & make appointments with David here.

4) Dream Bespoke

Customers’ Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

Ricky Kwan is born into a tailoring family and is the founder of Dream Bespoke, where he presents a fresh approach to the art of tailoring. Inheriting the skills and experience from his father, the founder of Tai Pan Row, he takes on the combination of excellent craftsmanship, quality in fabric, and image by design.

What Ricky’s customers said about Dream Bespoke:

“Great service! Ricky is talented young tailor, always love to hear his views. Made some shirts according to his expert opinions, final products are perfect. Ricky / Dream Bespoke perhaps is not the cheapest tailor in Hong Kong, but if you’re lookng for quality tailor-made products and expert advice, go & find Ricky. cheers”

“impressive quality, highly recommended”

Find more about Ricky and his Dream Bespoke, and make appointments with Ricky here.

5) Fascino Bespoke

Customers’ Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Benjamin and Yen are two young and enthusiastic designers, who founded Fascino Bespoke. Fascino stands for “charming”.

They carefully handpick and import from Italy and England each piece of fabric, then they work to successfully transform them into exquisite and elegant suit to deliver the most charming and alluring personality of a man……

“Great service & nice products. Also like the ties and accessories there!”

Find more about Fascino Bespoke & make appointments with Benjamin here.

6) L&K Tailor

Customers’ Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Since 1982 Michaell Lalwani & Kenny Mirpuri started LK Tailors and today has a team of over 200 skilled hands work around the clock to ensure the quality and delivery on time.

They firmly believe that no other suit or shirt can compare a bespoke suit or shirt as it is exclusively hand cut and hand made for your unique taste & measurement.

Michael thinks that every suit is an artwork which is created exclusively & uniquely for you.

What Michael’s customers said about L&K Bespoke Tailor

“Very good and patient service. Top rated. Will revisit.”

“Second time to Hong Kong, and this time decided to give a try on Hong Kong tailors. This L and K didn’t disappoint me. Supreme quality, and fast turnaround. Got the suit in just 2 days.”

Find more about L&K Tailor and make appointments with Michael & his team here.

7) Mars & Venus

Customers’ Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Kelvin is the founder of Mars & Venus and runs the business with his partner Tommy. He prides himself to provide affordable tailor-made suits for each customers to create a unique suit. He does not believe that tailor made suits need to be expensive and can also be affordable and within the reach of even students.

“nice suits at very affordable prices”

Find more about Mars & Venus and make appointments with Kelvin here.

8) Mozart Bespoke

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Mike and his team strives to ensure that all Mozart Bespoke suits and jackets are constructed with a full floating canvas which allows fabric to drape naturally for a clean, well put-together look.

“We finish our pieces with only the best real horn buttons that make your suit or jacket stand out in the crowd. We value our customer’s time and hence we constantly maintain our systems with preferred patterns and measurements to facilitate easy re-ordering while always delivering the same Mozart Bespoke fit.”

What Mike’s customers said about Mozart Bespoke:

“One of the best tailored shop in town recommended by my friend. Excellent service and premium quality of work, in just 2 weeks.”

Find more about Mozart Bespoke & make appointments with Mike here.

9) The Professional Tailor

Customers’ Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

The Professional Tailor was founded by Mr. Cheng, and is now managed by Mr. Henry Kwok. The Professional Tailor is known for making quality suits, and their service quality is generally highly recognised by the customers.

Founder Mr. Cheng is one of the most well-known and well-respected tailors in Hong Kong. Mr. Cheng nowadays is not only a tailor himself, but is the teacher/coach/mentor of many local tailors. Mr. Cheng ensures that the products of The Professional Tailor still maintain as handmade suit, which can provide both American & British cut

What Henry’s customers said about The Professional Tailor:

“Great fit of shirts, reasonable price, nice service. Recommended! Just little bit hard of interlining in collar and cuff.”

Find more about The Professional Tailor & make appointments with Henry here.

10) 852 Tailor House

Customers’ Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

Clients are then measured up by their in-house tailor who possesses over 40 years of tailoring experience. Tony and his team offers professional advice to their clients on mix and matching the various combinations of suits, shirts and accessories. Such a mix ensures that Tony can offer his clients the perfect mix between trendy designs and traditional workmanship

“Great service. Nice selection for different fabrics. I ordered 3 three piece suits and was deliveried on time. Everything I wanted was perfectly made and I do not hesistate to go there again to get my suits made. PS: Tony is very helpful and made sure that I had the fullest experience”

Find more about & make appointments with Tony of 852 Tailor House here.

Any more tailors?

There are over 400 custom tailors in Hong Kong. Compare their prices, reviews and customers’ ratings, and contact these tailors at Tailor-M.com 

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