I am a person who is careless during meals and I often get grease and stains on my suits, shirts and ties. This really happens too often, and if I bring my suit to the dry cleaners every time, it causes collateral damage to both my wallet and the suit itself.

Easy Solution to Grease

I therefore, went up to Ricky Kwan of Dream Bespoke and asked for some tips and advice on what else I can do with my suit if I accidentally ended up with some stain or grease on it?

(Ricky is a fantastic tailor and he has been my go-to tailor for some time now. I have been told that his father, Mr. Kwan senior, is actually the founder of Tai Pan Row, and he is one of the most well-known and well-respected bespoke tailors in Hong Kong.)

Dry Solvee Spray

Ricky suggested me to try using this Dry Solvee spray first, which is cheap and so easy to use! All I had to do was to spray some on top of the grease/stain about 20cm away from the clothes.

Wait for it to dry up (just takes a few minutes) and as some white solid powder is formed on the clothes, I just needed to rub it off gently and the stain will be removed! If some of the stain is still there, I have been told that I can repeatedly apply the spray until all the stains are gone.

Ricky did offer a final advice though, if it still doesn’t work, then the dry cleaners would be inevitable!


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