Black suit is well-recognised as formal wear in various occasions. But because its formality, you’ll probably find everyone else on the street wearing the same.

You’ll probably have a lot of black suits in your wardrobe. But how can I better make use of the black suits and make a difference? Easy, simply match the black suit jacket with pants of another colour!

1) black jacket + grey pants

Put on your black suit jacket, match it with a grey pants or light blue pants. This keeps things simple but at the same time helps you to appear stylish. Combined the black suit jacket & grey pants also with a shirt, tie and great dress shoes, it will become an ideal & stylish look for an impromptu formal occasion.

(Black suit jacket + grey pants – A simple but appearing stylish combination. Photo source: Google)

2) Grey jacket + black pants

You can also make good use of your black suit pants by wearing a suit blazer of different colour. For Example, you can wear a grey suit blazer with a black pants.

(Grey suit jacket + black pants. Appearing young and stylish. Photo credit: TheTrendSpotter)

(Photo source: Internet)

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