Dear all leather shoes wearers,

Good news to you! Clarks from UK is now offering summer sale on selected items including:

  • workwear, casual, to sports shoes and sandals…
  • men, women to kids’ shoes….
  • leather shoes, nubuck, to textile…

(Different categories, from women’s shoes, men’s sandals, to kids’ school shoes… Extract from Clarks website)

UP TO 50% OFF!

Items are up to 50% off. Men’s leather shoes are starting from £30.00 (US$39, HK$300) before international delivery! Good deal for readers looking for reasonably priced everyday workwear shoes.

(Men’s leather shoes starting from just £30.00… Extract from Clarks website)

Find more at Clarks’ official website: (Special note – Perhaps too many hungry buyers, it may take some time or several attempts in order to access the website)

Apart from Leather Shoes…

Check out also the latest suit accessories such as ties and pocket squares at Tailor-M shop

Designer Ties: If traditional plain-coloured ties are too boring, perhaps you should take a look at designer ties. Colourful and stylish designer ties are suitable at work and for many different occasions.

Here are some designer ties by Bettie Jiang from Bettie Bespoke Boutique, a talented fashion designer started her business with the admirable working experience in Alexander McQueensee (see more designer ties by Bettie here)

Folded Ties: Yes, folded-ties not bow-ties.

The word “folds” refers to the number of times the tie folds (a concept similar to “layers”). Most manufacturers construct ties by sewing an inlay into the tie for thickness. But fold-ties (usually more premium ties) is made out of a single piece of fabric and folded for several times. A “3-fold-tie”, for example, means the fabric folds for 3 times (see more three-folded ties here)

Pocket Squares: The pocket square is a decorative addition to suit jacket. The pocket square is a small-sized cloth for show and put in your jacket breast pocket. The components for pocket squares include silk, linen, cotton and wool.

Pocket squares have now become a symbol of well-dressed men. There are many styles, from solid colours which are easiest for most men, to designer pocket squares for stylish gentlemen (see more pocket squares here).

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