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Rainy season has come. It can be problematic to business people, coz it means higher chances having wet suits jackets and wet suits pants.

Don’t panic if it do get wet, here are some tips for you to treat your wet suits:

Tip 1: Don’t wait, dry off your wet suits quickly!

Firstly, don’t wait, but dry off the wet suit jackets and suit pants quickly!

Molds and mildew love moisture, and they can grow quickly in the fibers. If there are moths and mildew on suits, best way is to go to dry cleaners (which takes time and money!)

Molds and mildew grow quickly with moisture. (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Tip 2: Use towel, & newspapers!

Secondly, use a cloth/towel to dry it off a bit. (Don’t use tissues. If you use tissues to dry, you’ll create another problems with tissue slices on the suit jackets).

And, yes you can consider using newspapers as well! Gently put some crumpled newspapers up the sleeves. This helps suit jackets to maintain their shapes, as well as leaving air channels. And if possible use a contoured hanger, it helps keep the suit jackets shape. For pants, use pant hangers.

Can put some crumpled newspapers in the suit sleeves to help maintain shape. (Photo credit: gizmodo)

Tip 3: Never use hairdryers!

Never wear the suit jackets and suit pants again, or put into the wardrobes, unless they dry up.

Put the wet suits on the hanger for 48 hours and let them dry. Most of all, remember not to put suits into wardrobes until they completely dry!

If you want to speed up the drying process, use dehumidifier. But never use hairdryers! The interlining can be ruined under high temperature, resulting in a blistered or rippled suits. Once the suits get blistered or rippled, opening the lining to properly re-press may help but no guarantee (and again, such process takes time and money).

If you don’t treat properly, suit jackets can get rippled like this after rain. (Photo credit: shutterstock)

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