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Q: (Kristie) Hi Darmian, my boyfriend is looking for a tailor-made suit which is more special and less formal. Any recommendations on which fabrics to go for?

(Darmian S): Thanks Kristie for the email. I have two ideas for you.

1) Flannel

Firstly, it is flannel.

What is flannel? Flannel is a soft, light woven fabric, typically made out of wool, and sometimes combined with cotton or synthetic fibers. It is used to make clothing, particularly sleepwear, and bed sheets.

Flannel has been made since the 17th century, when it was a popular fabric in Wales. Eventually, its use spread across the globe, and is now common all over the world for making lightweight, warm clothing.

The pros for flannel? Usually for winter season. Flannel is warm, durable and resistant to creasing.

The cons of flannel? Heavy. Flannel is quite a heavy fabric.

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2) Linen

In addition to flannel, another fabrics I’d suggest is linen.

What is linen? Linen is a versatile and durable fabric with a long history, and known for its strength and breathability. Linen is made from the flax plant, the long fibers of the flax plant have a natural vegetable wax coating, which creates a subtle sheen when woven together in a textile. The flax plant’s fiber is naturally strong, soft and light; linen fabric made from these fibers is breathable and durable.

Apart from clothing, linen is also commonly used for a variety of household items such as handkerchiefs, tablecloths and bedding.

The pros for linen? Linen is a good choice in summer season. Linen suits are lightweight and can keep the wearer cool even when it’s hot outside.

The cons for linen? Probably wrinkle easily. Linen is a fickle fabric. For people who plan on travelling frequently, lien suit may be a less preferred option.

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