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If you wanna get a ready-made suit instead of tailor-made, of course you don’t really have to “notify the tailors” before your arrivals. Ready-to-wear suits are “ready-made” and more or less homogeneous, you are free to get in the shop and pick the products any time.

But tailoring is different: when you’re considering a tailor-made suit, never walk-in the tailor shop but tell the tailors in advance by making an appointment! Why?

1) To get (better) served

Most tailor shops (especially Hong Kong tailors) are operated by small teams of individuals (if not one single owner), the shop owners (usually the one who is most experienced and best understands customers’ needs) need to manage from serving customers/ body measurement, communicating with skilled labour, fabric procurement, to offering off-site measurement services.

One of the key appeals for going to tailor shops are the professional bespoke services & fashion tips from the tailors (e.g. on fabric, colour matching). You’d never want to get in tailor shops when the experienced shop owners are not available to serve you, right?

2) Privacy

Once customers have made an appointment, tailors would reserve the timeslots to serve those pre-booked customers (normally only one customer at a time) and serve no other customers. This is to ensure customers enjoy privacy, the best personal service & have the best tailoring experience.

Why is that important? During the tailoring process, tailors will take body measurement and offer fitting(s) services. You’d never want to an outside third party to listen to your chest/waist sizes, I guess?

3) To have a better experience

Tell tailors your needs & requirements on the tailor-made suits/shirts (e.g. price/budget, fabrics) in advance / before you arrive the tailor shops, so tailors can get prepared and offer you the best bespoke services, and avoid any embarrassment (e.g. over-budget).

How to tell the tailors in advance? Apart from searching tailors’ contact info from the search engine, can also try the messaging the tailor in advance, or leave a “remarks” when making an online reservation.

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