We shared about the different types of suit fabric in our previous post. How about for shirts?

Ever wonder what is the best fabric for shirts?

Shirt Fabric – Pure Cotton is the best?

Most people prefer 100% pure cotton for their shirts. Mainly as it is more comfortable, breathable and some high threadcount cotton fabrics do look more classy.

However, most 100% pure cotton fabric creases easily and can actually be a nightmare to iron and maintain.

Cotton Blend Fabrics: Your Wrinkle-Free, Lower Maintenance Option

Other than 100% pure cotton, the other general and common type of shirt fabric are cotton/polyester blend. They are more wrinkle resistant and less expensive in general.

Too much man-made fiber (e.g. polyester) though, would make the fabric, and hence, the shirt not very breathable. This could make it uncomfortable to wear in hot climates.

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