Wearing a suit = looking smart? Not necessarily! Bad suits not only do they “stand you out” from the crowd, but also can make you more embarrassing.

So, how to differentiate a nice suit from a bad suit? How easy is it to tell if a suit is unfit?

Look at these 6 areas, you can easily tell whether a suit fits or not in just 10 seconds:

(1) Suit Jacket – Neck

First thing to look at is the space between the suit jacket collar, and the shirt collar. A perfect fit suit should have its jacket hugging the neck (but not over-tight).

And the back of the jacket collar should be at a height that allows for approximately half an inch of your shirt collar to show above it.

If the suit jacket collar stands away from the neck, it means the suit jacket is too loose and doesn’t fit at all.

(2) Suit Jacket – Sleeves Length

Relax and put your hands down, then twist your wrist opposite to your body. A well-fitted shirt should have its cuff at same length at your wrist.

And for suit sleeves, there should be 1/4 inch distance from the shirt cuff, so that the shirt cuff becomes visible.

(3) Suit Buttoning / Jacket Closure

If your suit is a two-button suit jacket, fasten the top button (never fasten the bottom button).

If you suit is a three-button suit jacket, fasten the middle button (top button is optional, and again bottom button should never be fastened).

Once buttons are fastened, a well-fitted suit jacket should comfortably fit on your body with no wrinkles appearing in the centre part of the jacket.

If an X-shaped wrinkle appears (i.e. wrinkles radiating out for the closure buttons), that means your suit jacket is too tight.

If no X-shaped wrinkle and you can fit in your eat finger between your shirt and the button closure, that’s a fitted suit.

(4) Suit Jacket – Jacket Length

How long should your suit jacket be? You can take the zipper on your suit pants as a reference point.

Modern suit jacket should end at about mid-point of your pants’ zipper.

(5) Suit Pants – Waist

Never rely on belts to tighten your pants. In business wear in particular business suits, belts are for decoration purpose only.

If you rely on the belt to tighten the pants, that means the pants are too loose.

(6) Suit Pants – Wrinkle-Free

Wrinkles come out at your pants (in particular at the back of the trousers) when your pants are either too loose or too tight.

A good fit in the seat should lie comfortably against your underwear, without pulling tight against your butt or draping loosely down your thighs. And, without any wrinkles.

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