Fancy a custom-made suit or tailor-made dress when visiting a city known for tailoring? Doing online researches on “tailors” is nowadays a must-do. Perhaps what first comes to your mind are…:

  • searching the word “tailors” or “bespoke” from search engines
  • looking for “tailor recommendations” from local tourism board or agency websites…
  • …or from travel books ?

What you’ll likely get are a list of tailors and their addresses from these websites. But do you know HOW GOOD THESE TAILORS ARE?

Tailoring is all about product quality and service quality. If you find a good tailor, you’ll get a well-fitted bespoke suit (or custom-made dress, shirt etc) at a reasonable price. But what if you find a bad tailor, you could end-up spending money and get a inferior product (some friends of mine even have received NO products from the tailors…!)

Some Tips on Tailoring

So… Darmian would advise all readers to get as much as tailors’ reviews as possible (e.g. reviews on that tailors by previous customers, industry contacts, etc) and get a better picture of the tailor(s) you are fond of. This should help you to get quality products, and avoid wasting money.

Where to find customers’ reviews on the tailors?

There are many online resources eg tailor platforms, fashion forums and tailor review websites where you can find different tailor reviews, ratings, comments, or tailor recommendations. Say for example, if you look for some Hong Kong tailor reviews, check out the following links from an online tailor platform:

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About author: Darmian S: – Fashionista & Suit Enthusiast! Lover of local culture and exploring the secrets of the tailoring industry.

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