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Q: (Ivan) Hi Darmian, I am looking for a suit for cool (but not-so-cold) spring season for Hong Kong. Which spring suit fabrics would you suggest?

(Darmian S): Thanks Ivan for the email. Yes, my suggestion is to go for some fabrics which is lighter in weight. Most fabrics will state their weight in grams and/or ounces. Fabrics of 11 ounces generally considered all-year round in Hong Kong.

Here are two suggestions you can go for:

(1) Vittale Fratellio 150’s wool & cashmere blend.

Photo credit: Tailor-M, L&K Tailor

About the fabrics:

Fabric for quintessential British attire. Suitable all season round. Affordable & durable choice.

Suggested tailors:

L&K Tailor
Founded by Michael Lalwani & Kenny Mirpuri since 1982. L&K is one of the major leading bespoke tailor house in Hong Kong, with four stores across the city. L&K offers exclusively hand cut and hand made bespoke tailor-made suits by some of the finest craftsman in Hong Kong. Due to it’s international client base, L&K Tailor specializes in European or American style cuts to suit the needs of their customers.


Bespoke 2-piece suit from HK3,500

(2) Super 130’s wool & cashmere by Giovanni Valentino.

Photo credit: Tailor-M, British Tailor

About the fabrics:

Super 130’s wool & cashmere by Giovanni Valentino from Italy. Comfortable and light weight.

Suggested tailors:

British Tailors
Owner Mr. Jacky Tam has devoted the past 33 years of his life in the Hong Kong tailoring industry. If it is your first time visiting a tailor, Jacky will be more than happy to provide his professional advice on details such as posture and maintenance of your suit. Jacky has a global client base and travels regularly overseas to US, Australia, Europe and China to serve his clients.


Bespoke 2-piece suit from HK$5,800

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