When it comes to men’s suits, which cutting style should I choose? What about the Korean Cut?

One thing you should consider is your body shape.

Korean Cut suits, Italian Cut suits, English Cut suits, or American Cut suits – Which cutting style fit your body shape? What are their key differences?

The Korean Cut :

Strictly speaking, Korean Cut should be classified under the Italian Cut, as both emphasize on slim-fitted cuttings.

Suit characteristics (Jacket):

  • Light cloth & light canvas
  • High buttons
  • Flapless pockets
  • High gorge lines
  • Usually no padding at all for natural shoulders
  • No vents

But different from Italian Cut, the Korean one is…:

  • Slimmer cut (If we describes Italian Cut as “slim-fit”, then Korean Cut would be “super slim-fit”)
  • Shorter jacket length (Korean Cut suits have even shorter jacket length, the suit jacket only covers 1/3 of pants’ zipper; Italian Cut suit jackets should cover about half of the pants’ zipper)

Suit characteristics (pants):

  • Tapered waist
  • Tight hips
  • Usually have no pant break.

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Suitable for:

  • Slim men


  • Korea movie stars Lee Min-ho

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Featured tailors:

Regent Place Unique, CUFFS, Crazy Fashion

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(Crazy Fashions)

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