When it comes to men’s suits, which cutting style should I choose? What about the American Cut?

One thing you should consider is your body shape.

Italian Cut suits, English Cut suits, or American Cut suits –Which cutting style fit your body shape? What are their key differences? Let’s take a look here.

The American Cut:

  • Classy, give you a flexibility and comfy feelings

Suit characteristics (Jacket):

  • Straight silhouette, baggy
  • Low armhole (which you can put your arms easily)
  • Straight flap pockets
  • Natural shoulders, little if almost no padding
  • No darts in canvas
  • Three buttons (only fasten the middle one)

Suit characteristics (pants):

  • Full cut
  • No pleats (to save fabrics and easy for mass production)

Suitable for:

  • Gentlemen of strong built
  • Classy men


  • Leonardo DiCaprio (post-Titanic movie and after year 2010), US President Donald Trump, movie star Nicolas Cage

Featured tailors:

Princeton Rave Tailor, Aster Custom Tailor, International Custom Tailor (Find more American Cut tailors here)

(The International Custom Tailor)

(Aster Custom Tailor)

(Princeton Rave Tailor)

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