Apart from the budget and convenience, the style and quality of the tailors’ products is obviously a big consideration when choosing the best tailor. One of the reasons why Hong Kong is so famous for tailoring is that there are tailors who specialize in all spectrums of cuts and you’ll be able to easily find one that suits you most.

Some tailors (e.g. L&K Tailor, British Tailors) specialise in offering British/American professional styles. Nothing fancy, but simply a professional suit that fits your body.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be wearing a suit that look like your dad’s. When you wear a suit and it look like your dad’s, it often means that the suit doesn’t fit, rather than a problem with the styling.

There are also some tailors (e.g. Fascino Bespoke) in Hong Kong which specialise in Italian slim fit styles, which is perfect especially for those who hits the gym regularly.

Other tailors may also boast in-house fashion designers that can offer more stylish cuts (e.g. Regent Place Unique, 852 Tailor House) where the designs are sometimes shorter in length, narrower lapels, look more stylish and may fit best for Asian body shapes.

British/American Professional Styles

Light grey suit by Dream Bespoke

Professional blue suit by L&K Tailor

Italian Slim Fit Cuts

Double-breasted suit by Fascino Bespoke

Double-breasted suit by Veluti Sartoria

Stylish designs by Tailors with in-house designers

Sky blue suit by Regent Place Unique

In-house designs by 852 Tailor House


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