Ever wonder who is the best tailor in Hong Kong?

The best tailor is the tailor best fits your needs. Apart from your budget, you should also consider the convenience in location of the tailor. Visiting a tailor often requires multiple fittings. As you search for your best tailor, convenience is an important factor to consider, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Your best tailor is one that is convenient for you

Even if your friend’s tailor is the best tailor in town, if he is located 1 hour away from where you live or work, you may find it inconvenient when you need to go back for fittings.

Afterall, a bespoke tailor-made suit is cut straight out of the fabric to fit your body. Fittings are essential during the tailoring process to ensure you’ll receive a well-fitted suit. Generally speaking, at least one fitting will be needed after taking your measurements, but this will also depend on the “uniqueness” of your body shape.

Everyone’s body shape is unique – This is tailoring

When we speak about this uniqueness, the best tailors will need to take into account your standing postures, asymmetric body builds, etc. This is where the art of tailoring comes in and why a bespoke tailor-made suit fits so much better than ready-made suits.

This is also where the best tailors earn their bucks and why some are better than the others. Simply having the right measurements is the first step. How the tailor turns those measurements into a piece of clothing is also a skill that you are paying the tailor.

British Tailor’s Jacky Tam attending to his client

Apart from Budget and Location, what else needs to be considered?

Here is the Part 3 of this series…

Who’s the Best Tailor in Hong Kong – Part 3

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