When it comes to men’s suits, which cutting style should I choose? What about the English Cut?

One thing you should consider is your body shape.

Italian Cut suits, English Cut suits, or American Cut suits – Which cutting style fit your body shape? What are their key differences?

English Cut (also refers as British Cut) :

Formal & elegant fit looks; Cut closer to body with tight fitting sleeves ending with cuffs and a high arm hole

Suit characteristics (Jacket):

  • Stiffed canvas – to give a more controlled looked to the jacket
  • Moderate shoulder padding
  • Single breasted, or double breasted
  • Low gorge lines (the seam joining the collar and lapel)
  • Surgeon’s Cuffs
  • Heavy cloth – more durable
  • Hacking pockets
  • Dual vents
  • Button place narrow – almost around the waist to make the jacket appear longer

Suit characteristics (pants):

  • High waist
  • 2-3 pleats

Suitable for:

  • Average Build
  • Fashionable Appearance
  • Ideal for formal parties and business meetings

History of English Cut:

Philosophy revolves around function and longevity. Select robust fabrics that not only wear well during gloomy London days but also hold up to decades of use this type of suit is also called British traditional.

Examples for English Cut:

  • Stars David Beckham and Daniel Craig (James Bond)

Featured tailors:
The Hackney, Royal Tailor, British Tailors (See more English Cut tailors here)

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