When it comes to men’s suits, which cutting style should I choose? What about the Italian Cut?

One thing you should consider is your body shape.

Italian Cut suits, English Cut suits, or American Cut suits – Which cutting style fit your body shape? What are their key differences? Let’s take a look here.

The Italian Cut (also refers as European Cut) :

Slim fitted cutting

Suit characteristics (Jacket):

  • Light cloth & light canvas
  • High buttons
  • Flapless pockets
  • High gorge lines
  • 2 types of shoulder paddings: either very padded to produce the V-shape which considered very attractive in men, or no padding at all for natural shoulders
  • No vents
  • Shorter jacket length

Suit characteristics (pants):

  • Tapered waist
  • Tight hips
  • Traditional Italian cut is with one break. Nowadays modern Italian cut has no break

Suitable for:

  • Tall and slim men
  • Fashionable, look for creative designing


  • Movie stars Chris Pine and Alex Pettyfer

Featured tailors:
Veluti Satoria, Fascino Bespoke, David Fashions (Find more Italian-cut tailors here)

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