Ever wonder who is the best tailor in Hong Kong?

Many people have come across this question multiple times, whether it is for yourself or a friend who needs a suit or shirt for business, wedding or other occasions.

Many articles online will have different suggestions on the best tailor in Hong Kong. Some say WW Chan, A-Man Hing Cheong, some will say Sam’s Tailor, British Tailors, L&K Tailor, etc. Everybody claims to be the best tailor in Hong Kong.

So who’s really Hong Kong’s best tailor? Different people will give you different answers. It’s like asking, which is the best restaurant in town?

The Best Tailor in Hong Kong is…

The truth is, there’s no perfect answer to this question. It depends on what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for the best fine dining French restaurant, you might choose Amber in Landmark Mandarin, if you are looking for the best wonton noodle, it would be Mak Un Kee (麥奀記). It’s the same with tailors.

You simply want to look for the best tailor which fits your requirements and preferences. You need to search for one based on your budget, convenience and preferred clothing style.

Your friend’s best tailor, may not be your best tailor!

It’s simple. You may have a budget of HK$2,000, while your friend has a budget of HK$15,000.

You may prefer modern Asian/Korean style cuttings, while your friend prefers a more conservative British/American professional style.

You don’t mind waiting 3-4 weeks for your suit to be done, but your friend may have a funeral to attend in a week and needs a suit urgently.

Therefore, your friend’s best tailor, may not be your best tailor.

Find the best tailor for you – Budget

Everyone needs to find the best tailor for yourself based on your own preferences. Some tailors sell a 2 piece tailor-made suit for as cheap as HK$1,780.

Meanwhile, some tailors’ pricing starts at HK$15,000. If you are not a very picky person in terms of style and details of the craftsmanship, and just want clothing that fits your body, you may not want to pay HK$15,000 for a suit.

Therefore, budget is probably one of the first things you would need to consider when you are looking for the best tailor. Check out all the tailors within your budget and find the best one for you!

Apart from Budget, what else needs to be considered? Stay tuned for the Part 2 of this series…

Who is the Best Tailor in Hong Kong – Part 2

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