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Fancy a custom-made suit or tailor-made dress?

Before you go tailoring for custom-made clothing, apart from researching for tailors’ reviews and ratings, what you should do also is to do a quick checks on their product prices and then set your budget.

How can I get bespoke suit prices?

But tailor-made suits are different from ready-made suits.

Tailor-made suits allow you to choose your own fabrics, buttons, half-canvas or full-canvas, etc. Prices for a custom made suit is subject levels of details/ personalisation, sometimes can hardly be summarised on price tags.

Here is another easy & effective way..

To solve this, first step you can do is to get a sense of price ranges of suit/ shirt products at an online tailoring platform here.

Once you identify tailors that’re within your budget, ask the tailors the extra costs involved for additional levels of personalisation by dropping them messages.

Questions you may wanna ask, for example:

Be a smart bespoke buyer.

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