Shoe Artistry – Handmade Bespoke Leather Shoes 

You may be familiar with bespoke clothing, but bespoke footwear is truly in a class of its own.  The shoes fit like a glove; It can be resoled when the soles wear out; and the icing on the cake? You can design your own personal pair of shoes to your personal style! 

Moreover, it probably is more affordable than you think!

It Fits, It Lasts, and It starts from HK$3,000!

We are excited to introduce you to our first bespoke shoe maker, Shoe Artistry – Handmade Bespoke Leather Shoes. This amazing but unassuming shop near SOHO located in the former police marriage headquarters, PMQ building, is ahead of its class in combining excellent, timeless craftsmanship, with new technology.  

Shoe Artistry was originally born out of Ming Kee Shoe, a 40-year-old handmade shoe shop located in Jordan. When the classic Hong Kong label was forced to close down due to rent hikes, the wonderful owners, Kit Lee and Jeff Wan, stepped in to keep this classic label alive.

Much like the tailors of Hong Kong, Kit and Jeff were sad to see the decline of this traditional Hong Kong craft and its unique and precious heritage. Instead of watching it disappear they decided to step in and take action. They acquired all the machines, materials, and tools of the original Ming Kee Shop and rebranded the business as the Shoe Artistry.

Today, Shoe Artistry has grown into one of the finest bespoke shoe makers in the city. 

Crafting a Gem of a Shoe

Kit, a former fashion and jewellery designer, combined her knowledge with Jeff’s product design background to create a unique bespoke shoe experience like none other. They then paired their expertise with former craftsmen of Ming Kee Shoes to add over 30 years of shoe-making experience to their team. Shoe Artistry has successfully combined new technology and today’s fashion sense together with the timeless craft of bespoke handmade leather shoes. 

Men’s and Ladies’ Shoes Bespoke Tailored for You

Shoe Artistry’s knowledge and experience has enabled them to create anything from men’s classic dress shoes, ladies court shoes, boots, to even bedroom leather slippers. Each customer goes through their unique, in depth, foot consultation and development process to ensure proper fit, comfort, and style. This detailed process begins with precise foot measuring using hand and machine measurement techniques and finishes with your own personal touch on the style of shoes. They even work with corporations, companies, and designers to develop their own product lines.

Bespoke Formal Dress Shoes starting from HK$3,000

Although, you may be familiar with bespoke clothing, bespoke footwear is truly in a class of its own. These shoes are made to fit like a glove and last you a lifetime. Whenever the soles wear out you can simply have these shoes resoled as if you’ve haven’t worn them a day. That’s just the icing on the cake to a one of kind experience that lets you design your own personal pair of shoes down to the last detail.

Many people first discover bespoke shoes because they need to solve their pediatric problems, however, it would be a serious mistake to reserve this kind of comfort and style to these issues. Everyone can, and should experience this level of exclusive comfort and personal style in their shoes. Shoes are often the defining piece to an outfit so why not put your best foot forward and design your own. The best part is that Shoe Artistry makes this possible for a fraction of the price you might expect. 

Book an appointment to visit Shoe Artistry now!

If you are a fan of high quality bespoke shoes, and deeply appreciate its craft, or simply need shoes that can help solve your pediatric issues, then you will definitely be a fan of the Shoe Artistry. No two feet are the same so it’s time to stop treating them that way and book an appointment with the Shoe Artistry.


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