People tend to buy ready-to-wear shirts from renowned brands because they have confidence with the quality. However, theirs mass-produced shirts may not fit you at all and will put you in an embarrassing situation.

The Hong Kong’s top 1 tailor conducts a “clinical study” to the shirts that customer is wearing.

Ian Lau, the owner of Golden Light Tailors served a customer who wanted to buy tailored shirts. As the customer wore a shirt from the renowned brand and Ian found it unsuitable, given the consent from the customer, we conducted a “clinical study” of this shirt.

Before going further, can you figure out what are the problems with this shirt?

Ian Lau: It doesn’t fit him at all. Flaws are everywhere.


First of all, he has large neck circumference. In order to accommodate the size of other body parts, he can only choose the size that suits the width of his shoulders. As this brand puts emphasis on the bookish style, their shirts are made with narrower neck circumference. Therefore, when he wears the shirt and buttoned up, the collar area is pulled up, resulting in a loss of elegance.

The collar area is pulled up, resulting in a loss of elegance.


The fabric on the front of the shirt is not long enough to cover his tummy.

His tummy is shown. The fabric on the front of the shirt cannot cover it well.


The fabric on the back of the shirt is too long, making the back and lower body look cumbersome.

The fabric on the back of the shirt is too long.


The sleeves are too long obviously. The cuff position looks clumsy, like the puffed sleeves.

The sleeves are too long which is similar to the puffed sleeves.

Many errors are found in his shirt, did he buy a wrong size?

Ian Lau: Actually, he bought the shirt with correct size as you see his shoulders fit very well. The problem lies in the cutting, not the size. Most men in Hong Kong have the similar body shape like this customer. If you want to wear a bookish style shirt nicely, many details need to be considered.

Ian Lau helps the customer find the most suitable shirt for his body shape with bookish style.

After Ian Lau identified the customer’s body shape shortcomings, he made the best-fitting shirt with his precise tailoring techniques. He also understands that the customer likes elegant style, so he made the shirt with slim cutting with monogram fabric to create a bookish style. This is a perfect example to show that a slim cutting white shirt can perform better than a dark shirt in shaping the body.


The sleeves should be close to your arms with accurate sleeve length to enhance the sense of gentleness.


Reduce the excessive fabric with slim cutting design to cover his shortcomings at the back.

A fit design at the back for better looking.

Collar and front:

Accurate neck circumference measurement and collar button adjustment solve the neckline problem. The front fabric and cutting are perfectly matched.  Slim cut ≠ expose one’s shortcomings!

Accurate neck circumference measurement and collar button adjustment with the best cutting technique. Slim cut ≠ expose one’s shortcomings!

Achieve top 1 sales in tailored shirts industry combining fashion and slim cutting.

The reason why Ian Lau’s tailored shirts are so popular lies in his fashionable sense from fabric selection to tailoring. Moreover, he is good at covering up the body shape shortcomings with his cutting technique. That’s why his tailor-made shirts quickly occupy the men’s shirt market! It only costs HKD 1000 for 3 tailored shirts and HKD 4000+ for a suit in Golden Light Tailors. Ian Lau has once become the clothing design for a singer for his album. If you want to know who the singer is, check out who wears suit most of the time for his music videos, CD covers and performance!


With Ian’s fashionable sense and cutting techniques, he can always read the mind of men.

Ian Lau has an amazing fabric cabinet in his store. Don’t miss to chance to have a look.

Who the singer is? Find the answer yourself!

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