Bespoke tailoring and Ready-to-wear, lie on both ends of the spectrum of suit-making. Cost and quality are basically the two obvious fundamental differences between the two. Would the sweet spot be somewhere in between?

Bespoke Tailoring can be pricey, but Ready-to-Wear doesn’t fit

Bespoke Tailoring is obviously the holy grail of suits, where it is “bespoken for” the customer. This stands for hand made tailored suits by premium tailors that often takes time from measurements, fittings to finish. As a result, it often also comes with a premium price tag.

Ready-to-wear is the economical alternative. They are mass produced to standard sizes and style, keeping prices low. Fabric, styling and cutting are defined by the brand and designer and consumers really only have two choices: You either buy them or not to buy them.

Many people get frustrated at this point then, where they struggle to find a suit that fits their needs off-the-rack, while also struggle to afford a high-quality fully bespoke suit.


Derby Suits & Tailoring introduces Semi-Tailoring

Patrick Kwok, founder of Derby Suits & Tailoring, thinks that the sweet spot for the general public should lie somewhere in between and thus, he introduces the concept of SEMI-TAILORING.

Mr. Tony Cruz, Prominent Horse Trainer and Former Champion

Semi-tailoring –Bespoke quality at Ready-To-Wear prices?

‘We offer Semi-Tailored suit because some customers may not really need the ultimate service of bespoke tailoring, which may cost considerably more money for a decent quality suit.’ says Patrick Kwok, the owner of Derby Suits.

‘Our Semi-Tailored suits, starts from HK$3,300 for a two-piece suit. While Full Hand-Stitched Bespoke Tailored suit could cost more than HK$6,000.’

‘We thus help customers to find the best solution for their body, budget and style. Starting with a wide collection of Ready-to-wear suits in the shop, customers can first try on our Ready-to-wear collection and see how that fits them. We will then offer our Semi-Tailoring service to alter it into the perfect suit.’

‘Since our House Cut is specifically fit for Asians’ body shape. That means just a small portion of our customers require minor alternatives.’ says Patrick.

‘If customers are still not comfortably satisfied, and would really like something special, they can also choose our Full Hand-Stitched Bespoke Tailoring service which we also offer.’

Mr. Douglas Young, Founder of G.O.D.

Mr. William Louey Lai Kuen, Director of KMB

Why pay more for Full Bespoke, when you don’t need to?       

Derby Suits also understands that there is a demand for bespoke tailoring and thus, also offer such service. They just believe that it may not be necessary for everyone.

In Derby Suits, they only recommend bespoke tailoring to those who are not in the typical Asian body shape, and Semi-Tailoring couldn’t satisfy their needs. Those who have high demands for a unique styling, will also require their bespoke tailoring service.

How often do you meet a salesman that urges you to buy the most expensive goods even though you don’t need them?  ‘I hate the dishonest shops as you do,’ Patrick laughed, ‘We serve our customers with heart. We advise most of our customers that they just need Semi-Tailored suit even though they might have been prepared to pay more for a full bespoke tailoring suit.’

Want to know whether Ready-to-wear, Semi-Tailoring or Bespoke Tailoring is for you? Get a free consultation session at Derby Suits by clicking the button below!


Mr. Arnold Ho


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