Pinstripe – Essential for Professionals and Executives

A pinstripe suit can be described as one of the wardrobe essentials of a professional and company executive.  It is one of the favourite styles adopted by bankers.  The main reason for it is the contrasting colour that the stripe provides on the suit.  The contrast offers a sharp attraction to the eye and the wearer of the suit easily becomes the center of attention.  It reflects a man’s confidence and is best worn if a professional or company executive have an important presentation to make and needs to impress.

A professional sells their professional services and opinions, they do not sell any products.  The main thing that they sell is a client’s trust in their opinion and judgement.  It is thus very important to impress. 

At the end of the day, whether you’re a banker, doctor, lawyer or accountant, trust is the main source of business.  A sharp pinstripe suit that enhances someone else’s trust in you is of utmost importance!

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