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Creating a Professional Team Image at the click of a Button!

Purchasing suit uniforms for a company is not easy. Difficult to predict the sizes needed, lack of sourcing channels, time-consuming to get quotations, uncertain quality. Despite the obvious advantages of having uniforms, it is a pain to source them.

It simply seems silly and inefficient if you still need to run to each tailor shops to get quotations in this 21st Century digital age.

Finally, bulk purchase for suits is now available on Tailor-M, for those who plan to purchase a number (10 or more) of customized uniforms for a company or organization. You can now contact our network of professional tailors to receive  quotation here.

Why bulk purchase tailored suits for your company?

Reduce expense

Think of the number of clothes that you purchased, and then think of the different sizes that you would need?  Do you know everyone’s exact body size? Of course not.   So it is not difficult to imagine that the largest size uniforms are always put aside in the warehouse. Buying inappropriate size is not only not environmentally friendly but also wasting money. Thus, pay a slight premium for each suit, but limiting the amount of wastage can help reduce the unnecessary expense.

Build up a positive image

First impression depends on the outfit. If you want your team looks professional, do not let a skinny guy wearing an over-sized uniform like a trembling willow in the wind. Strength shoulder, hide belly and emphasize muscle… bespoke suits can make people look smarter and they do help in driving business.

Create the sense of belonging

According to studies employees with the customized uniform increase over 30% sense of belonging to the companies. Moreover, there is no doubt that a favorable outfit enhances one’s confidence and self-esteem. Believe it or not, bulk purchase for customized uniforms seems to be one of the management skill.

bulk purchase

Perhaps, it is time to create a new and professional image for your company or organization, try making an enquiry with multiple tailors through Tailor-M.

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