As soon as the 0+3 quarantine measures came out, many people’s immediate thought is to visit their overseas customers they hadn’t seen for years.  To prepare for the client visit, a suit without breaking the bank is essential.

Since 0+3 is introduced, the fight for air tickets and hotels began, and even tailors are in hot demand!

Since the 0+3 were announced, I started to fight for air tickets, hotels, and even tailors! Because everyone is heading out on business trips, I needed a suit quick and fast.  Not only it needs to be ready quickly, the quality can’t be compromised.  A reliable tailor is required to deliver the quality and pace of delivery.

David Fashions, Tailored at Affordable Prices, Available in One Week

If the suit you are looking for an inexpensive tailored suit, and you need it to be delivered quickly and maintain a certain quality, David Fashions is here to help you! David Fashions owner David has been a tailor for more than 40 years. He has good tailoring skills, affordable prices, and fast delivery. The suits starts from HKD3,000, and the upper body jacket is completely flawless. If you are in a hurry to meet customers and do not spend too much on suits, David Fashions is definitely a good choice!

The first in Hong Kong tailor to accept Buy Now Pay Later!

Buy Now Pay Later – David Fashions is the first tailor on Tailor-M to be offering a Buy Now Pay Later program!  If spending is under HK$18,000, split the bill into 2-4 interest-free instalments at the time of payment!

Make an appointment to buy a suit at Tailor-M and enjoy the exclusive David Fashions 36th anniversary offer!

In addition to the Buy Now Pay Later program, as long as you make an appointment to buy men’s or women’s suits at David Fashions through the Tailor-M website, you can also receive get a David Fashion 36th anniversary gift pack with your Tailor-M appointment record, including 3 free custom shirts, and a HK$500 instant discount coupon!


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