For people who pay attention to details, it is in the detailed craftsmanship of your suit which can show off sparks of your personality and character.  Among which, the Buttonhole on top of the lapel is one of the most visible details on a suit jacket.  Milanese Buttonhole is one of those highly visible details on your suit, which provides the spark while remaining low-profile.   Milanese Buttonholes originated from Italy, but it was actually the French who popularised it!

The Detail That Sparkles Up Your Suit

The reason that Milanese Buttonhole are so precious, is because of its structure which gives it a “3D” feel to it, rather than the commonly found flattish “2D” buttonholes.  Usually a buttonhole are stitched by machines onto the lapel first, before cutting it down the middle to “open the hole”.   However, the Milanese Buttonhole is the other way round, where the tailor would first cut the hole up and then stitch the buttonhole onto the opening of the lapel.  For well made Milanese Buttonholes, stitching procedures are very important.  Adding to this the broader sewing threads used gives it the “3D” look.  These type of details requires many hours of practice and craftsmanship to get it made.  This is the reason why suits with Milanese Buttonholes are often considered the cream of the crop, reflected by the detailed craftsmanship that has been put into the suit. 

We are pleased to have A Timeless Tailor to show us how a Milanese Buttonhole is made, so that we can all get a glimpse of this ultimate piece of suit craftsmanship.

1. Cutting open the fabric


2. Stitching


3. Buttonhole Sewing


4. Finished Product


Although Milanese Buttonhole appeals on the eye, but the amount of tension that it can take is lower than normal buttonholes.  This explains why it is often only used on the buttonhole on the suit lapel.  In terms of colour,  for those who enjoys to remain lower-profile in a business environment could tailor a Milanese Buttonhole with the same coloured thread as the suit fabric.  For those with bigger personalities and would like to show off a little bit, can select some brighter coloured buttonholes on your suits, or even lapel buttonholes of various shapes. 

If it is a spark that you would like to add onto your suit, remember to ask your tailor to add a Milanese Buttonhole on your next visit!   Not every tailor provides such service, A Timeless Tailor is just one of few tailors around in Hong Kong who can offer such craftsmanship service.

A Timeless Tailor is currently offering Tailor-M clients to include a free Milanese Buttonhole in their Spring Special Offer!  The offer ends on 31st Mar 2019, book your appointment now!

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