Local tailoring industry leader Double Happiness has received double blessings, winning the 20th-anniversary award from the Tourism Bureau and being invited to attend the World Tailor Summit in Italy

A Timeless Suit Shop has won high praise and awards in the industry due to their excellent craftsmanship and quality. Now, A Timeless Suit Shop is proud to announce that they have been invited to represent the local area and attend this year’s World Suit Conference in Italy and next year’s Asian Suit Conference. This is an event where tailoring professionals from various countries gather to exchange skills and share experiences. A Timeless Suit Shop has always been focused on providing the highest quality suits and is known for its excellent craftsmanship, fabrics, and attention to detail. Through this international tailoring exchange, they will continue to learn and share knowledge, providing even better service to their customers.

Full line of suits at 10% off to thank customers for their long-term support and patronage

As a token of appreciation for their customers’ long-term support and trust, A Timeless Suit Shop has decided to offer a 10% discount on all custom-made suits to celebrate this milestone moment and to cheer for the upcoming exchange event. Entry-level fabrics start from only HKD 5,900, while brand-name fabrics such as VBC and Marzoni start at HKD 7,000, and top-notch fabrics like Zegna and Loro Piana start at HKD 9,000, all with a 10% discount! Whether for business parties or special occasions, A Timeless Suit Shop’s customers will enjoy professional designer services and high-quality material selection, ensuring that they can wear with confidence and showcase their style in any occasion.





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